The Colombian film “Siempre Viva” directed by Klych Lopez, where we had the honor of recording the music, engineered by Julio Monroy from DeltaRecords, composed by the Colombian musician Cesar Lopez, and performed by him and the cellist Sandra Parra, won the prize of New Film Festival organized by Patricio Montaleza, in this city, between 14 and 18 June. According Montaleza, “the historical tragedy is told with an economy of visual resources properly structured from an exquisite aesthetic vision, complemented with art work well done. The performances are impeccable. “

“A story full of other very well played and well made from many angles, from daily life and its different facets, political realities through difficult times – Latin America social lives”.

A special mention had the actors in the film dubbed by its creators “Destinations” who say the organizers, had outstanding performances that manage to give the film the dimensions of a drama, narrated as coral, which is a sign of progress Latin American cinema in recent years.

While in the “gray area” for the theme dealing films, the winning film is “La maleta de Benavidez” which proposes “a sinister allegory about the alienation of art and artists by unscrupulous elites .

In this film, the director Laira Casabé “demonstrates an extraordinary mastery of the staging to carry out a fantasy thriller loaded with black humor and some surreal touches.”

Taked from Daily Mercury Diario el Mercurio.


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