On-site recording

  DeltaRecords services  

Do you need to record a concert in an auditorium or in your place of residence?

Home recording is one of the most important services offered by us, and one of the most frequent contracted by artists, companies, and the media, since quality recording is often required for shows, concerts, conferences, events and rehearsals, among other occasions.

It doesn’t matter what type of recording you need, we will go wherever necessary and provide audio recording from the most basic (just one audio track) up to the most advanced (28 separate tracks of audio). This makes us versatile enough to record from a simple presentation up to a whole orchestra.

Home recording is useful for occasions where you don’t want to record in a studio setting, either because of the occasion, the space or the type of recording required. We have the equipment and personnel ready to record any type of event.

Maybe you have asked yourself how to achieve impeccable sound quality when recording something you want to have stored forever. There are many solutions to this, but the best ones all have to do with hiring professional equipment and personnel, like those of Delta Records.  It doesn’t matter how simple or complex you think the recording may be, every situation is different, and this is one of our main areas of expertise, that of recording on location, and being able to intelligently solve audio-related problems.

Below, you can see and hear some of our various examples of location recording. If you need our services, don’t hesitate to contact us.