Multitrack Recording

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The recording process is the most critical aspect of production because the editing, mixing, and mastering processes all depend on this stage. The phrase “We will fix if in the mix” does not apply to the work we do here at DeltaRecords, as we do not compromise on quality during the crucial tracking process. This ensures that the following stages of production are trouble free, and that the final product will be of the highest quality.

Multitrack Recording

Here at DeltaRecords we pride ourselves in over eleven years of experience with professional recording projects. We specialize in:

  • Music
  • Dubbing
  • Voice Overs
  • Audio Books
  • Foley
  • Podcast
  • Radio shows
We have an acoustically treated live room that is designed to record any source, such as vocals, instruments, drums, or a string quartet.

We have a wide array of microphone types and brands (see our equipment list), and we will choose the microphone and preamp setup that is best suited for capturing the source material.

Everything is connected to analog digital converters and Universal Audio interfaces, which currently offer the best sound quality on the market. Our preferred software is Pro Tools 12, however we also work with others DAW’s, such as Logic and Ableton Live. We use the Source Connect software if you need to record from a remote location.

We have 28 real time audio inputs and 128 software channels with independent signal processing. This enables us to record anything, from a single instrument to a symphony orchestra.

In addition to our superb sound quality, when you record with us we will always provide FREE consultation. We will help you select the best take and we will provide expert musical and production advice.

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