Mix, Edit and Master

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After recording it’s important to edit what you recorded. It is simply not enough that you feel your recording went smoothly and is, therefore, ready for the final cut. You will need to “clean up” background sounds that diminish the quality of the recording. These sounds include instrumental and breathing noises that can distract listeners from the performance. For those of you who require higher quality recordings, we also offer tools such as Melodyne (tuning), Beat Detective, and Elastic Audio. Our producers will be sure to advise you if any other additional work is necessary.

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At DeltaRecords, we mix your music to reflect the genre and essence that you work hard to express. Every song expresses something special and it’s important to us that your music reaches the soul of its listeners. To us, every song is unique and requires a more specialized approach in the mixing process.

We use equalizing processes that highlight instrument frequencies, filter out things we don’t need, and then we clean up the sound spectrum, so that the music shines through. We also apply dynamic processes that control the range of each instrument. Doing so will allow the instrument’s natural sound to shine through without it coming across as too intense. It’s important to keep in mind that the field of stereo spatializing is crucial during the mixing process. The aim is to produce music in which the instruments work together in a balanced, harmonious atmosphere.


After the mixing process is complete your song will have all the elements of professional production. Aspects of production such as volume, effects, panorama, etc., are now ready to be mastered! This involves a complex, yet fascinating, process where we take the mix and apply dynamic equalizing processes solely for the audio bounce. The previous mixing process allows us to really perfect the audio to produce a quality cut for this step in production. Mastering allows us to take the production values of your music to the next level, giving it more punch, more volume, and more edge against other songs in its genre. The finished product will then be ready for airing on the radio and set for mass production. Camilo Silva y Julian Silva (our mastering engineers) will explain how we realize this process, a must for serious music producers.